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Umm......well, I am stuck on the Sheppard/beckett! lol, I figure if i write out and make more vids i'll max myself out and go back and finish a story i need to! lol....
Everything around here has been so weird posting and stuff....umm....however, maybe with this season 5 and carson being in it! it will cause more posting? being hopeful here.... i am taking part ....1sentences and here are my 50 sentences that I have just finished...they aren't that good, since this is my first try at writing John and Carson....and its been a while since I've watched the show, actually....blah....neways....
If people are still checking on this and stuff, please comment and tell me what you think, k? Luv ya'll!

Title: Alpha: 50sentences
Pairing: John/Carson
Rating: Pg-13? just cause i always rate everything that.....

The first few days after the funeral, he slept in his room, finding comfort in his smell that still lingered in it.

He felt a ghost of a kiss on his bandaged hand, causing him to remember the many times he was kissed better.

In front of every one, he puts on the big, strong front of the Colonel but when they used to be alone, he would soften and just be John Sheppard.

There was no pain, there was nothing in him; the moment he heard the news, it was the moment he lost all emotions.

He remembers meeting his mother and he can still smell the delicious scent of baked potatoes, one of his favorite dishes; now, he can’t bare to look at potatoes without feeling a rage in him.

It wasn’t long, after everything had calmed down, that it rained; he went outside and allowed his tears to join the tears of the sky.  

He used to love chocolate and as he stands now, in front of him, he thinks that maybe, just maybe, he would order some chocolate for when Carson awakens.

There was no time to stop, there was no time to rest, there was no time to think about everything; even so, he couldn’t help a tiny smile when Carson touched his arm, before he was put in the stasis.

He had never been one for communication, his job had stopped him from it and it soon became engraved in him; but now, he stands in front of him, talking to him even though he knows the other can’t hear him, learning to communicate.

He kept a strict vigilance over any thing that had to do with Michael and Teyla, because even if he promise Carson he would bring Teyla back, he also had to get Carson the medicine, so he could see his baby blue eyes again.

He knew Carson always used to worry he would get amnesia with so many hits to the head, but John knew there was a name he could never forget; even at this moment, as he ran for his life, Carson’s name stayed in his mind.

Finally, he walked into the infirmary, feeling jittery and nervous until he saw him there, alive; Carson looked at him and smiled that breath taking smile of his and John found his heart thawing again.

No one knew how to act around the not-dead-Carson and even though John tried his best to act normal, he still had recurring nightmares of Carson’s death.

Feeling a sudden shock run through his body just by feeling Carson’s body next to his, made him realize just how long it had been since he’d been together with anyone.

He reached out and locked his hand with Carson’s, tugging him over to the bench and sitting them down, never letting go of his hand; Carson relaxed and rested his head on John’s shoulder, enjoying the feel of John’s hand in his.

He denies, denies, and refuses with all of his heart, just as much, no, more than the others because he knows that if he were to loose Carson again, he would die.

Nothing can be done but he goes along, and stays by his side, wiping away Carson’s tears and keeping him sane through all the tests.

He glares at everyone, only calming down when with Carson; but they all know to work quickly, because in the end, they couldn’t really bare the pain of the doctor, clone or not.

It was all over and John knew what Carson needed; Carson laughed and kissed John just as they stepped out and into the Scotland air, feeling so much more alive than he had in a while.

Right here, in the middle of all the green, with only the sky and the ocean, Carson felt alive, even if he was only a copy; John smiled so much, it was actually starting to hurt, but God was he happy.

John watched Carson pull back into himself as they went back to their lives in Atlantis and he wondered if things would be better for Carson, back in Earth; John couldn’t bring it up, afraid of living without Carson once again.

Carson quickly dismissed himself not wanting to see John with her any longer; John growled as he let out some steam, hating the fact that Carson would spend every day with Teyla instead of telling him, his lover, what was wrong.

He winced as Carson tightened the bandages around his waist, but he had missed those hands on him; “John!” Carson laughed as John took his hands into his, and pulled them up to his face, nuzzling them.

Carson still had so much bottled up, that he didn’t know how to deal but John made it easier, “You taste like Carson Beckett, MY Carson Beckett.”

Carson had always been devoted to his job, but since he met John and he’d been locked up for two years, his devotion has shifted.

They had known they wouldn’t be together forever but they also knew that they will forever love each other, no matter where the other was.

He looks down the microscope and at the blood recently taken from John, hoping to catch what was wrong with him.

John coughs, smiling weakly at Carson, who’s holding tightly unto his hand; Carson knows John will get better, but he still looks on the verge of death and Carson won’t rest until he sees the color return to John’s face.

John enjoys listening to Carson’s soft brogue, and takes advantage of being bed ridden to make Carson sing to him a couple of songs.

John had wished upon a star for happiness; it must be no coincidence that he only found his happiness once he had come to the Pegasus Galaxy.

While he was held captive, the only thing that kept him going was the thought of home, with John.

There it was, swirling in the depths of baby blue, but what could he say that would make it all alright?

He took care of everything else first, fear gripping at him; he had lost one Carson, he was scared to death about loosing another one.

Carson looked out the window and at the storm, wondering how it would feel to be out there to feel nature; John tugged him out into the balcony, pushing the fears of a sick Carson, and just enjoying Carson’s joy.

They were a family, had made bonds that couldn’t be broken and so they figured it was their job to tell John, he was being too protective.

It wasn’t much, but it was a start and Carson enjoyed every minute of it; John relaxed a bit as he looked through the market, knowing that he wasn’t the only one scared for Carson.

Carson had always been afraid of technology and so he hated the stasis back then, but now, as he runs his hand through John’s hair, he knows that he would go through it all over again, if it meant being with John.

Carson opened the present, ever so slowly, feeling John grow impatient, to reveal a beautiful framed picture of the whole team with the words, Always Our Carson, written on the bottom.

Life was still hell, there were still fights to be fought, people to save, but every one saw the difference in Sheppard’s life; he smiled more.

John wanted to be stern and angry as Carson shuffled into their room, but the look of utter guilt on his face made it all melt away.

Alright, so John knew that it was corny and cliché, but it was the truth, Carson completed him; Carson knew that it was a girl thing but he didn’t care because it made him happy to hear John say it.

Sometimes, when John finds some down time, they both go out and watch the clouds pass them by; they don’t take anything for granted anymore, having learned from the pain.

John loves the sky, because no matter what shade it is, it always reminds him of Carson.

There is always tragedies in Atlantis, but he knows better now; this is heaven, as long as Carson is there.

He knows he’ll be going to hell, so he enjoys his life with Carson, because Carson is an angel.

Carson once told him that before they got together, he felt John was like the sun, beautiful, dangerous and out of reach; he had been wrong.

John admitted once, since it betrayed his air force image, that he thought of Carson as the moon, tender, caring, and born in the heavens; he had been right.

The team takes a break, out in the balcony watching the ocean as they laugh at old stories; John making sure that Carson is not carried off by the current of memories, their hands locked together.

John frowned, wiping the sink after Carson’s hurried shave, before laughing as he realized just how much he’d missed it all and how happy he was.

There were still wraiths that needed to be dealt with, there were planets that needed help, stars that could turn to black holes, but they didn’t matter at the moment; he yawned and snuggled closer to John, falling into happy and peaceful slumber.


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