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Fanfic! Through Time and Age  

Well...I'm back....with a umm...story kind of? I had this for a while, *shrug* finally getting around to posting it up...
I'm sure you all....well....umm.....those who check this, are getting tired of all my posts....lol.....
Either way, I do hope you all enjoy this....

Title: Through Time and Age
Characters: Sheppard/Beckett
Rating: pg-13
Warning: umm, a bad word? i think...thats it....
Summary:I can’t believe I actually bit someone.”

Disclaimer: I don't own them...I wish, but if every star was a wish...umm....point is i don't own them! 

Dr. Keller picked up the crying baby, unsure of what it wanted.
Rodney looked at the baby, shifting nervously. Every one was still shocked over how it had happened. Actually, no one even knew how it had happened.
Carter was holding, if a bit uncomfortably, the other baby. Green eyes peered out from her hands, chubby little hands swinging out, wildly.
Carter held the baby up, unsure of what he wanted.
”I do believe, he wants to go to Carson.” Rodney spoke up, noticing how baby John was looking and motioning towards Carson, adamantly.
Carter walked over, putting Baby John close to baby Carson.
John reached out and took Carson’s little hand in his. Carson stopped crying and looked at John, before giggling. The two then began giggling.
The three watched in amazement.
”Now, what do we do with them?” Carter asked, once they placed the two babies down in a play pen in the training room.
Carson sat up and looked around. John being the more adventurous of the two, began to exercise his little legs, holding on to the weird thing surrounding them.
”See what I can do!” John chirped, looking over at Carson and starting to walk towards him. Carson watched with joy, hands clapping as John made his way over. John lost his balance and fell down on all fours.
”Oh, you alright?” Carson asked, crawling over to him and placing a hand on John’s arm. John just grinned and nodded.
The adults watched the two interact, hearing only noises coming out of their mouths, barely recognizable as anything at all.
It was the cutest thing ever, but they had to figure out a way to revert them back to themselves.


John watched in amazement as the airplanes swooned down.

He said, eyes trained upon the airplanes. He didn’t know why, but he had this sudden pang in him every time he watched the movie. Those loud, big, flying things were so cool and people got to fly in them! It was amazing! John so wanted to be in one.
”Watching, flying, Carson!” John muttered, motioning to the TV. He was sure the giants had turned on the TV to keep him from breaking anything else and he didn’t mind.
”John!” Carson whined, going over and struggling to get onto the sofa. John turned and helped Carson up, frowning because he was missing his movie. He then noticed Carson was holding something. He then remembered that he was supposed to be watching Carson.
”Carson! What you take?” John scowled, taking the object from Carson and looking at it.
”Keller uses it! Says you can hear someone’s heart.” Carson explained, pointing to his chest. John frowned and looked at it, it looked rather weird and unnatural.
”You need to put it back, Carson, before we get in trouble.” John said, putting it aside, not wanting to break it. He had been promised cake if he stayed put and behaved. He wanted cake!
Carson made to get his sole treasure back, but John pulled it away and shook his head.
”Give it!” Carson whined, eyes beginning to tear.
”No.” John said, firmly. Carson then began crying and immediately John felt bad. Carson scrambled down and ran off. John quickly ran off after him, the weird object still clutched in his hand, dragging behind him.
”Carson!” He called out, just as the door opened to reveal Teyla.
John froze, immediately hiding the object behind his back and smiling innocently.
”Hi.” John chirped. Teyla raised an eyebrow and noticed the stethoscope. She then heard Carson’s sobs and walked into the bedroom.
”Hey, what happened?” Teyla sat down and consoled him.
”On! Uk ar inghy!” Carson sobbed, pointing to a guilty looking John, who was standing a few feet away. Teyla figured it had to do with the stethoscope.
”Give me that, John.” Teyla spoke softly, seeing that John was looking so sad. John gave it up without a fight, this time. Teyla gave it back to Carson, who immediately stopped crying and smiled.
”Alright you two, stay here, and I’ll bring you something to eat.”
”Ake?” John piped up, hopeful. Teyla nodded and walked out, smiling at John’s happy face.
John looked at Carson, who was happy with his toy. He walked over and scrambled unto the bed. Carson just scurried back, holding the stethoscope to his chest. John frowned and tried to get closer to Carson, but Carson just scurried back. This hurt John.
”Carson, I’m sorry.” John said, reaching out his hand for his Carson to take. Carson frowned, before smiling and placing his hand in John’s. They smiled.

John turned to his side and looked at Carson.
”Yes, Carson?” John inquired, noticing the confusion in Carson’s face.
”Do you ever get these weird dreams?” Carson asked him.
”Ahh, define, weird?” John muttered, racking his brain for his dreams.
”Never mind, John.” Carson whispered, before yawning. John smiled and closed his eyes falling asleep.
John tugged Carson along, as they walked down the hall. Rodney was talking to Zelenka about something. John and Carson never paid attention, it was too confusing.
They were going to the see the doctor, and they were going to get candy! They always did on these visits. John grinned, unable to wait for it. Carson walked along, looking at the halls and smiling at people passing by. Every one cooed at him. He was a cute three year old after all.
No one dared get too close, of course. Not after the last episode where someone had wanted to pick Carson up, only to be bitten by John. He had vehemently denied anyone from picking up his Carson. Carson was his and only those he gave permission to could pick him up. Carson never seemed to mind, though, walking along with John.
”Well, how are you two, little ones?” keller asked them, making quick of their exams.
”Andy?” John asked, holding his hand out. Keller laughed and gave him a lollipop.
The Colonel was cute, when wasn’t he? Carson was more shy, looking at her, hopefully. She held out a lollipop that he eagerly took up. Yes, both of them were cute and growing up, healthy and quickly.
”They will keep on growing, or just grow until they go back to their own age?” Carter asked, watching down from the office as the two played with Lorne.
”According to what we found out, we believe they will grow back to their regular age.” Zelenka spoke up.
”What about their memories?” Teyla asked, worried.
”As they grow, they will remember more and more. Right now, their mind aren’t capable of keeping it all.” Keller spoke up.
They watched As John jumped on Lorne while Carson laughed.
It was nice to have children, but they did miss the older versions of them. They were just glad nothing had really happened the last few days.

Carson sat back, a book on his lap. His mind was buzzing a bit and every time he closed his eyes, he saw his home, Scotland. At least, that was what Rodney had told him. He had told him all this things about Scotland. It sounded very beautiful.
Maybe because of all those stories, he was beginning to dream about it. He looked back down at the book and flipped the page. He had been given a book with tons of pictures on Scotland. It was amazing.
”Carson! Look!” John called from below him. John was on the carpet, flipping through a book on America. That was where John was from, apparently. John had been adamant that his home was with Carson, but after a few hours, John had finally agreed and gone along with it. Now, he was learning about his home.
Carson looked at the picture and saw a mountain with faces sculpted on it.
”Ohhh…..” He muttered.
They were four now, which was a bit weird, but they didn’t question it. The faster they grew, the sooner they could do grown up things.
”Carson?” John spoke up again, Carson leaned over and looked down at another picture.
”It’s called Grand Canyon.” John said, pointing to the bottom of the picture where the name was printed.
”I would love to see that.” Carson muttered, smiling wistfully. John looked up at Carson and smiled.
”You will one day, I promise.” John vowed. Carson smiled.


John frowned, looking down at his piece of paper. He didn’t know what he should draw.
”Look!” Carson raised his paper and John couldn’t help but grin.
”It’s me!” John said, looking at the stick figure that had his shorts and shirt.
”Yeah!” Carson nodded, happy John could tell what it was, unlike Rodney, who didn’t like his drawing.
”I know!” John said, getting an idea.
Carson giggled and went back to his drawing, adding some water and some weird shapes to make it look like their home.

“There!” John said, showing his paper to Carson. Carson’s eyes widened.

“That’s the two of us!” Carson said, looking at the two stick figures holding hands. John nodded, happy his drawing came out good.

“Add the others!” Carson said. John nodded and added Rodney, and Teyla and Carter and Keller and Ronon.
”Aha!” John said, happy with his masterpiece. Carson giggled and praised John for his talents.
”What you two drawing now?” Rodney asked, checking up on them. He figured that a good way to keep the two from freaking out as their memories resurfaced, was to keep them focused on something.
John held up his drawing. Rodney looked at it, before looking back at the two, who were looking at him so hopeful. Rodney looked back at it and well, at least he could distinguish who was who this time around.
”How about I put this in my office?” Rodney said, which seemed to be the right thing to say since the two suddenly hugged him. Rodney patted their backs, nervously, unsure of what to do. He then scurried off and stuck it on his computer, for everyone to see.
Carson was tired, but he was afraid of going to sleep.
John looked away from the TV.
”Carson? I thought you were sleeping!” John said, before motioning him to join him on the sofa. Carson scurried over and plopped next to him.
”I don’t want to sleep.” Carson muttered, before yawning.
”But you are sleepy.” John said, smiling softly at him.
”I have dreams.” Carson admitted, looking at John in fear.
”They are just dreams, Carson.” John said, wrapping an arm around his shoulders.
”They don’t feel like dreams, they feel real.” Carson muttered, snuggling up to John. John sighed and just held him close.
”Don’t worry Carson, I’m here. Go to sleep, and I’ll make sure you don’t have any bad dreams, alright?” John smiled. Carson nodded and closed his eyes, relaxing in John’s embrace.
John turned back to the television. He had dreams too. There was blood, explosions and a lot of screams. He didn’t tell Carson. He was Carson’s hero, and he was invincible, no dream was going to stop him.
”They are seven now, should we teach them things?”
They looked at the two kids, eating their cereal.
”They already know it.”
”Maybe it will trigger their memories more.”
”I haven’t heard them talk about any memories.”
The two little kids remain oblivious to the talk.
”I had a dream, yesterday!” Carson muttered, since the adults were able to better understand them now.
”Me too!” John whispered back. It was all good until their speech cleared up.
”There was this chair, that glowed when you sat on it.” Carson said, remembering how he had sat on it. However, in his dream, he had looked at lot taller and older.
”Oh! Me too!” John exclaimed, shocked that they had the same dream.
”Except, you were in it, but…..a bit older.” Carson went on. John dropped his spoon.
”Me too!” John looked at Carson, before bursting into laughter.
They had no idea why, but it was funny. The adults just watched them warily.
”See, they just probably did some prank and are laughing. If we gave them some homework, we wouldn’t have to worry so much.”

John looked over at Carson, who was glaring at the paper in front of him.
”I don’t get this.” Carson pointed to one of the problems. Since they turned eight, Rodney had been giving them papers full of math problems. John didn’t care, he rather liked the whole math process.
Carson was a whole different story. He tried it, but he had more problems with it than John did. However, John didn’t mind.
He liked helping Carson, and after all, to Carson, he knew every thing!
”Alright, let me see.” John grinned and explained to Carson.
”Thank you!” Carson said, hugging John, before finishing and going over to give to Rodney.
John sighed and closed his eyes, but suddenly he saw himself, in America, on a swing. He gasped and opened his eyes. He focused back on the problems. He didn’t like closing his eyes, it was rather painful. His head hurt to do it.

”John! Get back here!!”

John rushed down the hall and into the transporter. He grinned, immediately being transporter to another hall.
”John!” Carson watched John rushed into their room, holding a laptop to his chest. He was grinning widely.
”Internet!” He cackled. Carson raised an eyebrow and took the laptop, clearly realizing who it was.
”Oh no! John! Not Rodney’s! He is going to have a heart attack!” Carson hissed, shaking his head.
”Ahh, but we can finally see what he hides!” John said, looking around, conspiringly. Carson opened the laptop.
”Well, we are already in trouble, might as well search around, ay?” Carson grinned, unable to contain himself.
The door was locked, after all, they had the super gene in them. Carson didn’t like it, made him feel like a freak. John thought it was the best thing ever, feeling like a superhero.
It wasn’t going to be long before Rodney was able to open the door and get his laptop back.

John looked over Carson’s shoulder, grinning.

”Carson! Let him go you bastard!!!” John yelled, watching as one of the evil guys grabbed Carson and pulled him back.
”You give us, the ZPM or we kill them.” The guy hissed, focusing the gun on Carson. Every one was frozen, unable to think of what to do. John was not about to let his Carson be taken, be killed. He didn’t mind having a gun pointed at him, but no one pointed a gun at his Carson.
He looked into Carson’s eyes and saw the fear in them, the panic. His baby blue eyes were pleading for him to safe him.
John vowed to protect Carson, he didn’t know when, and he didn’t know why, but he knew, in his heart, that he couldn’t loose Carson. He wiggled and then bit hard into the man’s hand. The guy screamed, loosening his hold. This caused the others to be shocked.
John pushed away, hit the guy where he knew hurt, and slammed into the guy that had Carson. The others immediately cut in, saving Carson and pulling him back.
”Crap!” John found himself being suddenly pulled back and falling, as everything changed surroundings. 

John hissed, feeling his head. His dad always did say he had a hard head.

John frowned as images flashed in his head. He shook it, but felt a nauseas feeling. He figured that had been a bad move. He had memories….what else could they be?
He glared at the man who walked into the room. They were trying to get him to tell them things. He had no idea what they were talking about. He just stared at them.
”Did anyone ever tell you, you look like a buffalo?” John chirped. The guy had this huge beard and he had beady eyes. He was rather big and hairy. The guy slapped him, causing him to fall to the ground.
John did the one thing he did best, create chaos. His Carson was save, he knew that for sure. He also knew that his family will come and get him.
Maybe not the one from his dreams, but the one he met about a month ago……
Wow, he was a month old, already? John couldn’t fathomed just how fast time flew.
Carson was panicking.
”We have to save him!!” Carson yelled.
”Carson, honey, we know. We are.”
Carson bit his lower lip. He had known John, for almost a month. 20 days or so, close to a month. He had a feeling, that he’d known John longer. Maybe it had to do with his memories, with his dreams. He talked to Dr. Keller about it earlier, and she said they were memories.
He had asked John, and John said that it was an adult thing and they would understand it when they got older. Carson just hoped he would be able to grow old along side his John.
Hold on, my John, we’ll get you back.
Carson looked at the big ring in determination. John had always saved him, he would now, do the saving.




Carson quickly slid into cell. He saw him, there, lying, curled up into a ball.
He rushed over and placed his hand on his head.

“John?” He asked, shaking him up. John groaned and uncurled.
He knew that voice.
”Come on, John. I’m here now.” Carson muttered, running his hand through John’s hair. John groaned and opened his eyes. He couldn’t help but smile, looking into Carson’s pale face and worried blue eyes.
”Hey.” John muttered, lips cracked and voice barely audible.
”Shhhh, I got you now. You are safe.” Carson muttered, placing a kiss on John’s forehead. John nodded, closing his eyes once again.
John groaned and opened his eyes. He waited for his eyes to adjust to the soft light. He turned his head and smiled at the sight before him. Carson was sleeping peacefully, his hand clutching John’s.
With his other hand, John reached over and ran a hand through Carson’s hair. It had been him, this time, that had need saving.
”You’ll always be my hero, John.” Carson muttered, eyes fluttering open.
John grinned, happy to be home.

John grinned and trudged along, happy to be finally let out of the infirmary. He had spent two days there and that was enough for him. Besides, they hadn’t allowed Carson to stay with him long, always dragging him away.
”Come on, doctor said you need to rest.” Carson said, tugging John to their room. Lorne walked behind them, keeping an eye on them. He thought it was one of the cutest things, how John and Carson cared so much for each other. He would never say that out loud of course.
John shot a glare at Lorne, as if he knew what Lorne was thinking.
”We aren’t little kids. We are 13.” John grumbled. Carson rolled his eyes and shook his head.
”You were in the infirmary, of course every one is worried about you.” Carson squeezed his hand.
”Oh, you worried about me?” John asked, innocently, smiling.
”I always do, you always get yourself into trouble.” Carson teased, finally arriving home.


”Alright, so I have been thinking….”
’You? Thinking? Don’t strain yourself.”
”Not funny.”
”Alright, what is it?”
”Well, how come we don’t have a beach?”
”What do you mean?”
”We live in the middle of the ocean! What ocean, I have no idea, but an ocean!”
”How come we haven’t been to a beach? We are what, 14? What type of childhood have we had?!”
Carson looked at John who was ranting on about beaches. He shook his head.
”Well, how about we ask to be taken to a beach?” Carson cut into his rant. John turned to Carson and stared at him for a bit, before grinning.
”You are right!!” John stated, immediately going over to Carson.
”Of course I am.” Carson rolled his eyes, suddenly finding himself being tugged out of the room and down the hall.
”Where are we going?” Carson asked.
”We are going to force someone to get us to a beach!” John stated proudly.
”How are we going to do that?” Carson asked, unable to think of a reason why anyone would agree to take two kids to a beach. Well, he couldn’t think of a reason why anyone would take John, the troublemaker, to a beach. He would probably cause mayhem and almost drown himself. Actually, now that Carson thought about it, he had never swam before in his life!!
”You are going to cry!”
”Wait, what?!” Carson immediately stopped walking. John sighed and turned to Carson.
”They will do it for you.”
”But I don’t want to go anymore.” Carson muttered. John looked intently at him and smiled, realizing why.
”Don’t worry, I’m with you. You won’t drown.” John squeezed his hand, before tugging him along again. Carson wasn’t completely appeased, after all, John had never swam either…..


Carson rolled his eyes as John bounded out of the ship as soon as the hatch was open. They were both wearing these vests, which were rather uncomfortable. He poked at it, before sighing and walking down and to the earth.
He looked around in awe at all the trees. He hadn’t seen trees like those, well, in his dreams/memories he had. He wasn’t sure what to call them, John called them dreams. Dr. Keller called them memories. Carson would stick to dream/memories, unwilling to ditch John’s believe, even though he was sure the doctor knew more than John. Actually, he was sure that most people knew more than John, but he didn’t dare say that out loud, unless John would get mad or something.
”Come on Carson! There are people our age!” Carson nodded, walking gingerly over to John and the rest of the people. They all seemed nice enough, albeit, they looked different for sure.
He had heard that they were friends and they provided stuff to them. Carson wasn’t sure what it was that they provided for them though, but as he watched John laugh and talk animatedly with some girl, he felt that maybe whatever they provided wasn’t that important.
Carson felt someone tug at his pants and he looked down. It was a little girl, who was looking curiously at him.
”Carson?” the little girl spoke his name. He hadn’t seen her before, had he? Her face seemed familiar and he had a feeling he knew her, but he was drawing a blank.
”Hey, I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are.” He said, apologetically. The little girl just laughed and tugged him along.
He caught one last glance behind him, to where John was still laughing and talking to the girl. He glared, before turning back to the little girl and deciding to ignore John.


This was their third day being there, and it was really annoying Carson. John seemed inseparable from that girl. It was really annoying him. He shook his head and smiled at the little girl and then at her father, who to Carson’s shock, was around his age. Well, he was eighteen. The father was rather nice to Carson, since the mother had died in childbirth, he had to take care of the little girl by himself. Carson felt bad, but the father shook his head, saying something about how he owed him so much. Carson felt as if he should know him too, but had no idea who he was.
”Hey, why don’t you stay the night?” he asked him, causing Carson to look at him surprised.

He just chuckled and grinned at him.
”Stay over, we have space.” He said, smiling what Carson was finally realizing, was a tender smile.
”Come on, Carson!” John called out, sticking his head inside and looked at Carson, then at the father of the little girl. John frowned, noticing just how close they were sitting. He was sure there was no need for their faces to be that close. He glared at the other guy, before turning to Carson.
”Come on, Carson. Time to go back.” John motioned for him to get a move on. Carson frowned, still mad at John, remembering that girl John had been spending time with.

“I was asked to spend the night.” Carson muttered. John’s eyes widened, before he walked over and grabbed Carson by the hand.
”Well I’m sorry, but Carson can’t stay.” John hissed, tugging a startled Carson along.
”John!” Carson hissed, but John had a tight grip.
”Let’s go!” John hollered, striding into the jumper, angrily. No one said anything as they headed back. Carson wretched his hand from John’s hold and sat down, looking anywhere but John. John sat down as well, glaring down at the floor, hands clutching tightly unto the seat.




“What? Not going to go back?” Carson asked, coolly, not bothering to look up from his book.

“Why? You want to go see him?” John asked, just as coldly as he sat down, slamming his tray of food on the table.
”Me? You were the one who was shacking up with that girl!” Carson hissed, looking up from his book and glaring at John.
”Oh please! You were always in his house? Doing what, I’m curious!” John growled, glaring back at Carson.
People stopped their conversations and looked over where the two were arguing.
”I don’t see why you care so much! You didn’t when you were with her!” Carson spat, slamming his book shut.
”You two were about to kiss had I not come in!” John cried out in anger, standing up, hands slamming on the table.
”You two probably have kissed and done more!!” Carson slammed his book on the table and glared up at John.
”I did no such thing!” John exclaimed.
”You know what, I don’t care if you did or not. Your life, just stay out of mine!” Carson seethed, standing up and making to walk away. John shot out and took hold of Carson’s arm.
”Let go of!”
Carson’s yell was muffled by John’s lips on his. Carson gasped, eyes widening.
The whole mesh hall was quiet, staring in shock at the two. Carson’s mind was drawing a blank, finding himself pressing back against John’s lips.
They parted and looked into each other’s eyes.
”I have to go.” Carson whispered, immediately grabbing his book and rushing out. John stood there, breathing hard as he watched Carson leave. He shook his head and sat back down.


Carson sighed and placed his book down. He had been hiding out in Rodney’s room. He needed to talk to John, but he wasn’t sure what to say. His head hurt, thinking about it all.
Every one knew, of course, what had happened between them.
Rodney had tried talking to him about it, but he didn’t want to talk. Of course, Carson was touched that Rodney tried to talk to him and step out of his comfort zone.
”You know, John will always love you.” Had been Rodney’s advise, before he shrugged and left for work once again.
”Carson, I think you should talk to him. He won’t hurt you.” Ronon had grunted to him.
”I know it is hard, Carson, but John truly cares for you.” Teyla smiled and patted his arm.
Every one was rooting for John apparently. What about him? How did they know he was good for John? Didn’t John deserve someone better? There was nothing special to Carson. That was why he was jealous and angry, because he knew that there were so many better people out there for John, and it hurt to realize that.
Carson sighed and stood up, grabbing his book and making his way back to their room. It was still their room, or was it?
Carson slid inside and noticed no one was inside. Carson sighed in disappointment, before walking over to the sofa and plopping down on it, finding himself falling asleep soon after.
John walked in shoulders slumped. He hadn’t seen much of Carson for two days now. He then stopped, shocked. Carson was back. He couldn’t help smiling, going over and sitting down right at the edge of the sofa.
”Carson?” John muttered, reaching over and caressing Carson’s cheek. Carson’s eyes fluttered open.

John looked into his eyes, searchingly. Wondering just what was going through Carson’s mind.
”I missed you.” Carson smiled, and suddenly, John felt a huge weight lifted from his heart. He laughed and pulled Carson into his arms.
”I missed you too.” John grinned.
Everything was alright in his world, once again.


”Come on, it’ll be fun!” John said, taking hold of Carson’s hand. Carson looked at the jumped, skeptically.
”I don’t know.” Carson wasn’t really fond of heights.
”We are 19! We are adults! Come on! Let’s do something to celebrate!” John looked at Carson, pleadingly.
”Why don’t you just wait four more days, we’ll be 21 by then.” Carson muttered, really hating how John could make him do anything. He sighed.
John grinned and tugged Carson along, into the jumper.
”Just a short ride, Carson!” John said, going over to the controls. Carson looked around, gingerly, before going over and sitting down next to him. John took them up and into the skies. They had already cleared it, so they wouldn’t get into trouble.
”Want to give it a try?” John asked Carson, motioning to the controls.
”No, I want to get out.” Carson whispered, finding himself growing more scared by the minute. John noticed this and kept the jumper in auto, going over and pulling Carson into his arms.
”Look, its all right. Calm down.” John muttered, pressing a soft kiss on his lips. Carson nodded, relaxing into his arms.



John pinched the bridge of his nose, feeling a migraine coming on. He had been getting this feeling a lot more lately.
He shook his head, but found that it was a bad idea. He groaned and slumped down on the bed.
”John?” Carson walked over and frowned.
”What’s wrong?” Carson asked, worriedly. John laid down, pressing his palms into his eyes.
”Nothing, just a headache.” John muttered, looking over at Carson and smiling softly.
”Do you want something for it?” Carson asked, still worried. John thought about it, before deciding that yes, he needed something for the relief.
Carson came back with water and a pill for his headache. John smiled in thanks and laid back down.
”It will take effect in a bit.” Carson said, messing John’s hair more. John smiled and closed his eyes. He took hold of Carson’s hand tugged him down, to lie next to him.
Carson laughed and laid next to him.



“Hey, you two are 21!” Lorne said, greeting them as he sat down next to them.
Carson smiled, before suddenly grabbing his head in pain. He let out a gasp, feeling his head splitting in two. He stumbled back, but John immediately noticed and was at his side, holding him up.
”Carson?” He asked worriedly, when suddenly he felt an intense pain shoot through his head.
He clenched his jaw shut, lowering Carson down to the floor, before succumbing to the darkness.
”Are they going to be alright?” Carter asked, watching as John and Carson slept.
”They will be fine.” Keller nodded, smiling tiredly.
”What happened?” Ronon asked, walking in.
”They are regaining all of their memories.” Rodney explained.
”It caused them to faint, because it is easier for the brain to arrange it all while they are not awake.” Keller added.
”So, that means that we will have John and Carson back?” Carter asked. Keller nodded in confirmation.
”I just don’t know how long it is going to take for them to wake up. They do have a lot to remember.” Keller warned.


He felt like crap. Really, he couldn’t believe he would ever feel a pain such as this. He was sure that there would probably be worst pain later on in his life, after all, apparently, he had already died once.
Carson whimpered, moving his head to the side, slowly so as to not make his head ache worst. He knew it would subside soon.
He sighed, opening his eyes and looking around. The light was dim, so it, thankfully, did not hurt his eyes.
He looked over at the bed next to him. He watched, smiling softly as John began waking.
”God, I feel like crap.” John grumbled.
”Ay, luv, so do I.” Carson muttered, smiling a bit. John turned his head and opened his eyes to look at Carson.
”How old do you think we are now?” John asked, rather curious.
”I do not know, but I never thought I would be happy to remember I am a clone and not real.” Carson mused, looking back at the ceiling.
”Carson. Carson. Look at me.” John commanded, causing Carson to look at John.
”Clone or not, you are Carson Beckett and very much real.” John stared at Carson, right in the eyes, conveying his love for him. Carson smiled and relaxed against the stiff bed.
John yawned and leaned back against the bed as well.
”Maybe after all this is over, we can take a break and go to the Grand Canyon….” John muttered, eyes beginning to flutter shut.
”Hmm….that would be nice….” Carson smiled, remembering little John vowing him to take him there.
”Would be nice…” Carson repeated as he fell asleep.

Carson sighed, arching up before falling back down on the bed. He had all of his memories, his head did not hurt, and he was still alive.
”Well, I’m not back to my age, but I’m back to being Colonel Sheppard!” John exclaimed, walking into the room.
”Well, they didn’t know what to do with me before I turned into a baby, nothing has changed now that I’m myself….” Carson shrugged, sitting up on the bed. John sighed, walking over and laying down, placing his head on Carson’s lap. God, he remembered how it felt, living without him, the pain.
”Hey….” Carson felt John tense. He began running his hand through John’s hair.
”I can’t believe I thought you had something with her. I can’t believe you thought I was going to kiss him.” Carson chuckled, remembering back at the mesh hall drama.
”Well, you know I’m possessive and quite the jealous type.” John grumbled, eye closed enjoying the feel of Carson’s hand running through his hair.
”Ahh, I know that, but my 17 year old self didn’t think about that.” Carson grinned, leaning his head against the wall. He did remember John biting anyone who tried to pick him up.
”I can’t believe I slept with you for about two months in the same bed without taking advantage of you.” John muttered, hand running over Carson’s leg.
”We were too little for such things!” Carson exclaimed, laughing. John grinned, enjoying the sound of Carson’s laughter. He had missed it so. He was going to cherish those 40 days they spent together without much of their memories, because he got to see the Carson he loved. The laughter, the joy, the innocence, everything before Atlantis. 
”I’m glad we are back to ourselves.” John muttered, turning and looking up at Carson. Carson smiled and leaned down, pressing a quick kiss on John’s lips.
”Me too.”


“I can’t believe I actually bit someone.” John laughed, leaning back and looking over at Carson, who was typing away on his computer.
”I can’t believe you stole Rodney’s computer.” Carson grinned, looking up from the screen.
”Hmm, that I would do, kid or not.” John shrugged, sitting up.
”Immature much?” Carson teased, eyes twinkling with mirth.
”Yeah, well, he deserves it sometimes.” John stretched, before standing up.
”Hey, aren’t you going to go for a check up?” John asked, walking over and wrapping his arms around Carson’s shoulders. Carson sighed and just leaned back against him, placing a hand on John’s arm.
”I’m scared of those check ups.” Carson muttered, staring intently at the computer screen. John frowned, before nuzzling Carson’s neck.
”Every thing will be fine Carson,” John said, unable to say anything else. What could he say to make him feel better? He was scared as well, thinking that any day Carson’s body will start dying once again.
”Well, let me up, I really do have to get going.” Carson said, patting John’s arm. John sighed, but didn’t budge, tightening his hold on him. Carson smiled and just sat there, in John’s arms. The check up could wait a bit longer.


dracotelitha: BlueeyedCarsondracotelitha on July 12th, 2008 10:30 pm (UTC)
XD Okay that was awesome really it was. I adored it. I hope you write more!
smileleighsmileleigh on August 3rd, 2008 02:20 am (UTC)
I loved it! Wonderful Idea! I loved them growing up together and John being so protective of "HIS CARSON" So sweet!!