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Another 50 snapshots-fic

OMG!! I  get to see carson tomorrow! in hte new episode! which i cant wait!! or at least i think he comes out in this next episode....>_> here.....posting something again.....because i feel bad that no one is posting anything.....though i feel bad posting cause i feel like im torturing you all with my stuff......sigh.....

here it is....another set of sentences......

Rating- pg-13
Warning: umm, none really....well, a bit of innuendoes.....kind of.....>_>

He had always worn the wedding band on his finger, never shying from his status; now though, he hangs the promise ring around his neck, treating it with more respect and love.



He sighed, looking through the Colonel’s chart, rechecking his vitals as the doctor he was; He sighed, taking John’s hand in his, thanking God that John survived another heroic act, as the lover he was.



John sighed and leaned back against the bed, watching as Carson walked over to him to recheck his status; he was beginning to remember things from during his wraith time and he couldn’t help but be relieved that he hadn’t laid a hand on Carson, he wouldn’t be able to deal if he had.

There was this little box, that he kept at the back of his desk drawer, from the eyes of every one else; it held a picture of Carson and him, kissing from their visit to Scotland, and a pipe given to him by Carson’s grandfather, as a blessing.


John loved running, it helped cleared his mind and Carson always did love seeing him all hot and sweaty; Carson hated running, it was tiring and he usually ran when something needed urgent attention and John always did find himself in a status of urgent attention.

He was responsible for them, for all of them, yet, he couldn’t help but think of John and if he was still alive.


He stood behind him, lips centimeters away from his ear, whispering directions; Carson laughed as he finally managed to soar into the sky without much difficulty.

John shivered as Carson tried his best to keep him warm, bundling him up and wrapping his arms around him, hoping they would come to their rescue soon.

John pressed down tightly, watching as the red stain became bigger and bigger, slipping through his hands rapidly.


“Why, Colonel Sheppard, if I didn’t know better I would think you are getting me drunk on purpose!”


He looked around the hall, before slinking out and towards his room; one day, he would be able to stay the whole night with him, one day.


He could easily bend down and taste those lips, indulge upon that which belong to the doctor; maybe when they were out of the matter-of-life-or-dead situation, he would take the chance.

Best thing about being a doctor, was the view, “alright, Colonel, off with the clothes.”

Carson winced, walking into the room only to be blasted by the music of Ozzy Osborne; he didn’t even bat an eyelash when he saw John imaginarily strumming the equally imaginary guitar.

Carson loved the feeling of silk on his skin; John loved the feeling of Carson’s skin on his skin.

Immediately, John grabbed Carson and pulled him away, slamming him against the wall and covering him with his body.

Carson clutched the ring tightly in his hand, remembering John’s promise to never leave him.

“Shhh, we’ll see each other again, just remember I love you….now you have to wake up because they need you.”

He watched the flame flicker, the candle beginning to melt down as he waited for Carson to open his eyes.



John leaned against the door, watching his love work his magic as he took care of one of the Athosians.

Sometimes, Carson can’t help but wish for those three little words, but he knows that it is hard for John.




There was still a long way before they got to the stargate, but John knew that Carson was there waiting for him and it made the journey that much shorter.


Their lips clashed against each other, fingers bruising skin, a fire burning between them. 


John only had to think of Carson and it would get him through what he had to do; he glared and slammed his hand into the guy’s stomach, remembering the bastard had threatened his Carson.


Carson always tried his best to keep a cheerful and positive disposition for everyone; John always tried his best to keep a strong and commanding disposition for everyone.



It hurt him, more than he dare to admit, when Carson proceeded to give him a check up without much of a word that didn’t have to do with the physical.


It was stupid of him; he didn’t need Rodney to tell him that, because every day that John flirted with someone, it broke his heart.

John watched as they rushed Carson to the infirmary; he picked up the forgotten ring that had falling from Carson’s pocket, smiling in remembrance of it.

Rodney rolled his eyes, typing away at his computer, listening to Carson and John, dance around each other.

John’s eye roamed over Carson’s body, hungrily; John’s hands roamed over Carson’s body, possessively.

They could see John seething with anger and stepped back, knowing that nothing would stop him now; in the end, they knew it was a way of releasing the pain of Carson’s death.


He watched him and wanted to say so much, but he stopped himself, after all, it was not a good bye, but a see you later.

Sometimes, he would lie on his bed and wonder if somewhere out there, he would find Carson; he always thought it would never happen, until he saw him there, in that room.


John was not one for wearing suits, they were uncomfortable, but for Carson he would; Carson smoothed John’s tie before resting his head on John’s chest, silently thanking him for accompanying him to his grandfather’s funeral.


Carson groaned, digging himself deeper into his blankets until John had to forcefully pulled Carson up to feed him.

Carson glared at John, before soon joining in on the laughter, happy that John was smiling once again; though, he wouldn’t be agreeing to sparring with Ronon ever again.

 Carson took a deep breath and placed the ring in John’s hand, before walking out, having grown tired of all the lies.


”He was the best thing that ever happened in my life.”



John looked down, unsure of what to feel, trying his best to stay calm; in the end, he was unable to keep himself from reaching out and taking Carson’s hand in his.



“I’ll scream it to the whole world, to all of Atlantis, to all of the galaxy!”

”John, oh god, wait, god, hold up, did you lock the door?”



John opened his mouth, needing to explain but he was unable to come up with any words.

John raised down the hall, needing to get to Michael before he once again slid from his grasp; he hadn’t look all this time for him, to just have him escape with Carson’s cure.


John stood up, hand resting next to the stasis, watching Carson’s sleeping body; thinking of the time when he will once again, awaken.

the eclipse took its course in the sky, but deep in the quarters of Atlantis, two bodies aligned themselves, becoming one.

He felt gravity pushing him down but a hand grabbed his, keeping him from falling.



John had never been one for taking the easy way and Carson just knew that he was in for a lot of excitement when John came into his life.


Carson had no idea what it was that the stupid cube in his hands did, but if it meant having John right behind him, breath ghosting his neck, helping him figure it out, then he didn’t care what the stupid thing did at all.


John had thought he had lost the key to his heart a long time ago, but apparently Carson had found it for him.



Sometimes, when he wakes up, the memories bombard him and it is hard to breath; sometimes, he wakes up because he can’t breath without him.


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